Fabián Wilkins

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Fabián Wilkins is known for his sound design, music compositions and improvisational performances within the independent music scene and art community in Puerto Rico. Apart from being a multi-instrumentalist he is also a sound designer, audio engineer, plastic artist and photographer. He’s been experimenting with sound, synthesis, analog tape and concrete music since the mid 90’s. But it’s not until the beginning of the 2000s that Wilkins started collaborating with many important artists, cinematographers and musicians in the music and art scene in Puerto Rico. 

Fabián has embraced different music categories in his career; from funk, electronica, jazz, hip hop, psychedelic, tropical, ambient, noise and concrete music. He has published 9 musical productions and numerous singles as well as part of collaborations with other artists, documentaries and films. 

Fabián was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico in 1978. As a kid growing up, he was strongly influenced by hip hop and electronic music back in the late 80s. Because of his dad, artist/singer, he was always around recording studios, musicians and on stages, so he developed a passion for recording and sound equipment right away. While attending middle school he started to learn drums in a private school and then piano at Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. By the end of the 90s Fabián went to Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida to pursue audio engineering and post production career that let him to graduated in 2001. While in school in Florida he joined a local group in Orlando called “Vertical” that consisted of a live band and “Idm” beats that Wilkins used to program with only hardware gear. 

From the year 2000 to 2005 Fabián Wilkins created and joined various musical projects within the independent music scene that established the beginning of a vanguardist movement in the island called EML. Becomes one of the first to if not the first sound artist in starting sound experimentation movement in the island. Projects: Oruga, EML, Control Activo del Ruido, Humano Error, Vliot, Bellos Públicos y Turista. 

Also, Wilkins stands out as a sound designer and creates acoustic sculptures that led him to be invited as artist to The School of Arts of Puerto Rico to create a sound art and concrete music class. For the last 15 years he’s been collaborating with many important artists of Puerto Rico and other parts of the world for biennales, museums and art exhibitions around the world. 

Born in Puerto Rico

Fabian Wilkins

Fabián Wilkins